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From the Caribbean, Living in the big world on my own... Just on here to keep a collage of pics & stuff I'm interested in.


Remember in the 90’s there used be a room in your house that was called the “computer room”.

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"well wishes to everyone pushing for growth. it’s not easy but the results are heavenly, you doing good. keep pushing."
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"Petition for a Drake emoji."
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"the same people who laugh at you are the same people who eventually start subconsciously following you."
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"Baby girl what does it matter where ya purse from?
Your hair done, your nails did,
Your ass fat, but you’re dumb."
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"Rid yourself of anything that isn’t helping you grow. Literally and metaphorically."
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"A being who still cheats, has yet to experience a heartbreak."
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"Consistency wins wit me. I don’t like that people think its okay to pop in and out of my life whenever they please. Nah.. Keep moving"
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"When we talk I don’t want the same old “hey what’s up” I want to talk about your habits, fears, things you enjoy etc.."
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"Personal growth benefits from elevated surroundings. Lift the people around you to accelerate your own rise."
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